Wait, what? Forkgames?

Yes, it's a weird name, but maybe you'll remember it and come back! :)
This is my small game site where I host a couple of games that I like very much. Just try them, they're all fun!
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NEW Game:

Live PuzzleLive Puzzle
Not like other puzzles. Piece images are constantly changing.

Latest Content

Earn to Die Earn to Die
Mindless, but fun. Includes Zombies.
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The Fancy Pants Adventure World 3 The Fancy Pants Adventure World 3
Lot's of fun!
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Push Push
Creative platform game. Push your way to victory!
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Spider Solitaire Spider Solitaire
Get rid of all cards
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Gyroball Gyroball
Get the gyroball to the glowing square of each level, but watch out for gravity!
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Red Remover Red Remover
Click your way through this game!
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Action / Adventure Games

Tank TroubleTank Trouble
Challenge your friends or Laika the Computer!
Ultimate Assassin 2Ultimate Assassin 2
Be the Ultimate Assassin. Assassinate and escape!
Become the master paper plane thrower...
What's the highest score you can get?

Puzzle Games

Blosics 2Blosics 2
Shoot blocks off a platform - it's hard!
Cargo BridgeCargo Bridge
Build a bridge that will hold.
Crush the Castle 2Crush the Castle 2
Here we go again...
Hardest puzzle i have ever seen! Can you solve it?